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Covers for sofas and chairs, tailored in the fabric of your choice.  CoverStory Loose covers are a stylish and practical option

They are often washable, and always easy to remove.

All measuring takes place on your premises, and no furniture is removed.   

Home measuring is within an hour’s drive of Haslemere, Surrey
…but it is also possible to have your original 
covers copied by post.

You can source your own fabric, but the CoverStory range is excellent…and washable!  Expert tailoring goes without saying, but a good fabric is essential to create that great look!

Any kind of cushion inner can be replaced.  


Armcaps and extra cushion covers can be ordered too​.  Footstools are usually good for loose covers.




Price depends on styling options and number of seat / back / side cushions




ARMCHAIRS      -    £ 180  -  £ 260  plus  5 - 8 metres of fabric
2-seater SOFA    -    £ 200  -  £ 290  plus  8 - 13 metres
2.5-seater SOFA -    £ 220  -  £ 310  plus  9 - 14 metres
3-seater SOFA    -    £ 240  -  £ 320  plus 10 - 15 metres
4-seater SOFA    -    £ 260  -  £ 350 plus  12 - 18 metres



    £35 - £75 plus 1.5 - 2.5 metres - per chair

    SCATTER CUSHIONS   £15 - £20    plus 0.5 - 0.8 metres


Do you require a mail-order service?

Call or email for a quote with a brief description or photo of your sofa or chair. 

Send your old sofa or chair covers to be copied.

Original covers to be copied, any shrinkage can be corrected in the new covers. 

 OR ...For a simple loose cover: 

send photos by email or post - 

FRONT, BACK & SIDE views without cushions. 

Please also send seat / back / other CUSHION photos - individually. 

You will then get your photos back with measuring instructions. 
There will be about 10 - 20 measurements to take. 

So if you’re up for it, this works very well!  

The making time is three weeks from receiving the fabric.



22B  Weyhill  Haslemere  Surrey  GU27 1BX

( visits are by appointment only )

01428 483637

Fabric - coming soon!

01428 483637

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